What is the difference between Apple TV, and Apple TV+?

Apple TV and Apple TV Plus Welcome to the world of streaming services, where entertainment is just a click away. Two popular names that often come up in this realm are Apple TV and Apple TV Plus. In this article, we will break it down for you in a way that even Siri would be proud of.

Apple TV and Apple TV Plus Welcome to the world of streaming services, where entertainment is just a click away. Two popular names that often come up in this realm are Apple TV and Apple TV Plus. In this article, we will break it down for you in a way that even Siri would be proud of.

Apple TV+ is worthwhile for cord-cutters hoping to save money. The family should invest in high-quality, innovative entertainment that everyone can enjoy. And it's ideal for anyone looking to test a streamer other than the big three (Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+). Similarly, which is better, Netflix or Apple TV? While Netflix remains the undisputed leader in overall accolades earned in 2021 and early 2022, Apple TV+ is holding its own. Netflix boasts about 1,500 original films compared to Apple's 38, yet Apple won just two fewer Oscars, with Home taking first place in Best Picture.

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Understanding the Difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus

Overview of Apple TV

Let's start with Apple TV, the original streaming service by Apple. With Apple TV, you get access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and even live sports events. It's like having a virtual cinema right in your living room. You can also rent or buy movies and TV episodes from the iTunes Store, and stream content from popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV has been around since 2007 and has gained a loyal following over the years.

Overview of Apple TV Plus

Now, let's move on to Apple TV Plus. Launched in 2019, Apple TV Plus is Apple's very own subscription-based streaming service. It offers exclusive original content produced by Apple itself. From award-winning series to thought-provoking documentaries, Apple TV Plus has something for everyone. It's like having a backstage pass to a star-studded Hollywood event. The service is available on various devices, including Apple devices, smart TVs, and streaming platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Key Differences between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus

The main difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus can be summed up as follows: Apple TV is a platform that provides access to a wide range of content from various sources, including popular streaming apps, whereas Apple TV Plus is a subscription service that offers exclusive original content produced by Apple itself. So, think of Apple TV as the gateway to a whole world of entertainment, while Apple TV Plus is like the VIP lounge with exclusive perks.

Apple TV vs. Apple TV+: A Direct Comparison

Apple TV is a media streaming device that lets you access a wide variety of content on your TV, such as movies, series, music, and games. Apple TV+, however, is a video streaming service that offers original content produced by Apple. Although they share the name, Apple TV and Apple TV+ are two different products with different features and functions.

Apple TV was launched on January 9, 2007, by the late Steve Jobs. Apple wanted to introduce its services to our home televisions, in the best way it knows how, with its perfect ecosystem of apps that work wonderfully and its clean and beautiful user interface. , built with its operating system, tvOS. Apple TV was touted as a domestic product where we could project our digital lives on the television at home. In its evolution we have seen its perfect connection with other Apple devices, through AirPlay, making the difficult simple. With the advent of Apple TV+, Apple started fighting for streaming content, but obviously, this platform cannot be exclusive to Apple TV and the Apple TV+ app can be installed on many smart TV screens. So you don't need to have Apple TV to enjoy Apple TV+.

It's possible that looking at the functions of the Apple TV and Apple TV+ separately will better explain the differences between them.

How to Cancel Apple TV Subscriptions

Accessing Subscriptions on Apple TV

So, you've had your fill of Apple TV subscriptions and it's time to move on. Cancelling your subscriptions is a breeze. To get started, navigate to the Settings app on your Apple TV and select "Users & Accounts." From there, choose your account and scroll down to "Subscriptions." Here, you'll find a list of all your active subscriptions.

Steps to Cancel Apple TV Subscriptions

Once you've located your subscriptions, it's time to bid them farewell. Simply select the subscription you wish to cancel and choose the "Cancel Subscription" option. Confirm your decision, and voila! Your Apple TV subscription will be cancelled, and you'll no longer be charged for it. It's like "unsubscribing" from that newsletter you never actually read.

Deleting Apps from Apple TV

Navigating to the Apps Section on Apple TV

Let's say you've tried an app on your Apple TV and it just didn't live up to your expectations. No worries, deleting it is a piece of cake. First, navigate to the Apps section on your Apple TV's home screen. You can do this by swiping left or right until you find the "Apps" tab.

Removing Apps from Apple TV

Once you're in the Apps section, locate the app you want to bid farewell to. Press and hold the touchpad on your Apple TV remote until the app starts jiggling like it's had one too many cups of caffeine. Then, simply press the play/pause button on your remote, and select the "Delete" option that pops up. Ta-da! The app is gone, vanished, disappeared as if it never existed. It's like breaking up with an app without any of the emotional baggage.

And there you have it! You are now equipped with the knowledge to distinguish between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus, cancel Apple TV subscriptions like a pro, and delete apps from your Apple TV with ease. Happy streaming!

Turning off Apple TV

Using the Remote to Power off Apple TV

When it's time to call it a night and bid farewell to your Apple TV, you have a few options for turning it off. One of the easiest ways is using the remote control. Simply press and hold the TV button until a menu pops up on your screen. Then, scroll to the right and select "Sleep" to power off your Apple TV. Sweet dreams, little black box!

Alternative Methods to Turn off Apple TV

If your remote is playing hide-and-seek or you simply prefer another method, don't worry, there are alternatives! You can also navigate to the Settings menu and choose "Sleep Now" to turn off your Apple TV. Furthermore, you can use the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad to access your Apple TV and power it off from there. Who knew there were so many ways to give your Apple TV a well-deserved rest?

Restarting Apple TV

Performing a Soft Restart on Apple TV

Sometimes, your Apple TV might need a little pick-me-up. It happens to the best of us. To give it a gentle restart, head over to the Settings menu and select "System." From there, choose "Restart" and watch the magic happen. Your Apple TV will be refreshed and ready to continue its entertainment duties in no time.

Performing a Hard Restart on Apple TV

If the soft restart didn't do the trick, it's time to get a bit more serious. A hard restart can solve more stubborn issues. Start by holding down both the Menu and TV buttons on your remote for about six seconds. The Apple TV will reboot, and hopefully, any glitches will be kicked to the curb. You did it, troubleshooting hero!

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Apple TV Functions and Features

Apple TV offers a variety of functions and features that make it stand out as a media streaming device. Among the most prominent features are:

  • Integration with Siri for Voice Control.
  • Content playback in 4K HDR resolution.
  • Games and apps are available in the Apple TV App Store.
  • Connect with other Apple devices for a unified user experience.

And this is the last point we're going to touch on. Since providing your TV with multimedia options was the method initially developed in Cupertino, apps from the Apple ecosystem migrate to your screen, giving you access via your Apple ID.

Apple TV+ Functions and Features

Apple TV+ offers the following features What sets it apart from other streaming services:

  • Offers original content manufactured by Apple.
  • The wide diversity of exclusive series and movies.
  • Film and program selection from other production companies.
  • Monthly membership with unlimited access to all content.
  • Available on a wide range of devices (Apple and not).

Content and Services Available on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is focused on offering original content produced by Apple. Its catalog isn't very wide, but Apple prefers quality over quantity. With Apple TV+, you can enjoy a wide range of exclusive series and movies. In some previous articles, we have already made some major series that we can enjoy on Apple TV +, Besides original content, Apple TV+ also offers a selection of movies and shows from other producers.

User Experience and Device Compatibility

Both Apple TV and Apple TV+, offer an intuitive and easy-to-use user experience. You can browse content, access your favorite apps, and enjoy a seamless interface across both services. Either is something that Apple cares a lot about and that is different from other streaming services.

As for device compatibility, the Apple TV is available as a physical device that plugs into your TV. Apple TV+, on the other hand, is available on a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. It lets you enjoy Apple TV+ content on your favorite devices, even when you're not at home it's installable on pretty much every smart TV brand out there, so there's no excuse not to enjoy it.

What is Apple TV App?

You can access your purchased and rented library, Apple TV + material (if you have a subscription), the apps you subscribe to using your Apple ID, and other content using the Apple TV app. This app is available on the Apple TV as well as a wide variety of other streaming devices, mobile devices, and tablets. On the Apple TV app page, you can find out which gadgets work with the app.

On Macs, iPhones, and iPads, the software is already installed. But Android mobile devices don't have an Apple TV app.

Every device has a different version of the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app for Roku, for instance, has a Store menu where you can rent or buy movies. However, Google TV and the Amazon Firestick both use Chromecast.

Why use the Apple TV app when you can use another brand of streaming player that has access to Showtime, HBO Max, Paramount+, and other applications instead? First, using your Apple ID, you can quickly manage your premium service subscriptions. A monthly service can be stopped or started with a single click. Additionally, the Apple TV app allows you to subscribe to and access Apple + content. Additionally, you can watch movies and TV series that you have already bought or rented from your Apple library.

Many features of an Apple TV are available on other devices when using the Apple TV app on those devices. The Apple TV app offers a means to see Apple TV+ and enjoy some of the advantages of the Apple TV box without the price tag, given that the Apple TV box is significantly more expensive than the majority of other streaming devices.

What is the Apple TV streaming player?

Typically, when someone refers to "their Apple TV," they are referring to the actual hardware, the Apple TV streaming player. The 4K Apple TV is currently in its second iteration, whereas the High-Definition model is currently in its fourth generation.

In March 2007, the first Apple TV streaming device was introduced. You only need to look at the ports on the box, which included red, green, and blue component connectors, to get an indication of the technology available at the time. Since then, HDMI connectors have taken the place of those connections.

On the majority of Apple TVs, certain capabilities like AirPlay mirroring are available. The quick method for projecting the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac onto your TV is AirPlay. Even yet, older Apple TV models might not have the same features as more recent models. On Apple TVs from the third generation and earlier, the App Store is not accessible.

There have also been more useful features implemented. Now, you can calibrate the color balance of your TV on your iPhone to enhance the picture quality of your Apple TV. Additionally, you may navigate a video's play timeline with the newest Apple TV 4K remote to start playing a certain segment.

The Fitness+ app is also available on Apple TV. High-intensity interval exercise, yoga, Pilates, and more are all available on this app. It also includes exercises that may be done on a stationary bike, treadmill, or rower. The app syncs with Apple Watch and shows your health statistics to monitor how hard you are working out.

Recognizing Apple TV

This should make it clearer what is meant when "Apple TV '' is mentioned in a conversation. Now you'll be able to tell when someone says they are talking about "their Apple TV'' when they actually mean the Apple TV streaming device. It's Apple TV+ if they claim they're "Watching an Apple TV show," and the Apple TV app if they indicate they're "subscribing to a channel on Apple TV."

What is Apple TV +

All of Apple's original content is available on its streaming subscription service, Apple TV +. On Apple TV streaming players, iPhones, iPads, Mac laptops, and any other device with the Apple TV app, it is accessible through the Apple TV app. Is Apple TV worth $4.99 each month, though? When you purchase an Apple gadget, there are frequently extended free trial offers of three or six months that give you the opportunity to try out the programs.

In 2019, Apple TV+ debuted with a small selection of original TV show titles. Since its inception, the original programming has increased to approximately 120 titles, which now include specials, limited series, short films, and movies like Coda, which won an Academy Award.Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Severance, Schmigadoon!, and For All Mankind are a few of the most well-liked shows. Oprah Winfrey's productions are also available. The Oprah Conversations, which address racial issues, and Dear..., which displays letters that famous people have received from followers whose lives they have improved. Also available is the Oprah Book Club.

Specials starring Charlie Brown are currently only available on Apple TV+. There are numerous family-friendly programs available, as well as children's programming. Younger children enjoy "Helpsters' ' and "Fraggle Rock," while older youngsters enjoy "Ghost Writer" and similar series.

Get Free Apple TV+

There is something you should be aware of before rushing to sign up for Apple TV+. You might not even be aware that you are paying for Apple TV+. You won't likely need to buy a membership for a time because Apple is giving away an absurd number of free trials for the service.

Everyone can first try Apple TV+ for seven days for free. But if you've just bought an Apple device, you might also be able to receive a one-month or a three-month membership. A complimentary Apple TV+ trial is available for all devices, including MacBooks and iPhones. Even continuing and six-month subscriptions are available from T-Mobile with some options.

There may still be hope if you've previously taken advantage of a free trial and there are no other offers that you're eligible for. Apple TV+ is a perk for those who subscribe to Apple One or Apple One+. Apple One is merely a collection of the company's services, including iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, and Apple Music, for a single low monthly fee.

Apple TV vs. Apple TV+: 6 Things You Need to Know

  • The "a la carte" store on Apple TV lets you buy or rent movies.
  • You can only watch movies that you have rented through Apple TV for a specific amount of time.
  • You may stream as much entertainment as you want with Apple TV+, which has a one-time monthly fee.
  • Not all Apple TV programming is available to those who subscribe to Apple TV+.
  • The set-top streaming box from Apple with the same name allows you to access content from a variety of providers.
  • To watch Apple TV or Apple TV+, you don't need an Apple device.

Which of Apple TV and Apple TV+ Is Better?

Let's look at which one you should use now that you are more familiar with Apple TV and Apple TV+. There is absolutely no need to select since they are two entirely different services. There are numerous other services you may utilise than Apple TV if you want to buy or rent a movie, including Amazon Prime and even Vudu.

However, Apple TV+ is what you need if you were seeking a particular TV series, such as Ted Lasso or Peanuts cartoons. Unfortunately, we are unable to endorse the streaming service in the same way that we can Netflix or even Disney+. It simply lacks the content backlog that may maintain a subscriber. But you'll need to subscribe to Apple TV+ for a few months if you want to view a certain program that is only available through that service.

Even though we aren't huge fans of Apple TV+, we still believe that Apple TV is a useful program. The Apple TV app is already installed on any Apple device you may have. Just visit it, look around, and decide whether there is anything worthwhile. Just bear in mind that you will not have free access to the a la carte offers even if you sign up for the Apple TV+ service.

Comparing the Apple TV, and Apple TV+


          Apple TV

        Apple TV+

Physical product



Install apps



Watch all movies and series



Watch original Apple movies and series




From € 159

€ 4.99 per month


Making the Most of  Your Apple TV and Apple TV Plus Experience. Apple TV is the company's streaming device. It may show paid material from companies like Netflix (to mention a few) and Apple's own streaming service on your television that has been streamed from your home devices. Apple TV+ is the company's subscription service for television and films.

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